Contributing Artists

The designs on our stuff are really cool, aren't they? It might shock you to learn that these weren't created by a generic "Filanthropic Design Machine". In fact, there are some really talented people who we have chosen to work with and we want to give them all the credit they deserve. We hope you will explore their work more and become as much of a fan of them as you are of Filanthropic. 


Lei Melendres

Type of Art: Doodle Art

Home: Batangas, Philippines

Age: 25

Bio: He calls his doodling style “Infinity Mix” which from the name suggests describes the intense endless details and elements interacting together to form a scene. The usual elements include monsters, creatures, robots, aliens, patterns, typography and more elements both common and weird. He is currently the head of a big doodle community in the Philippines named Doodle Art Enthusiasts which consist of around 600+ young professional and amateur doodle artists. He has showcased his art all over the world from the Philippines to Australia and we hope to see more of his stuff in the US and Europe before long. Hes also a really nice guy which makes him doubly cool.

Want to see more: Tumblr, deviantart, Behance




Tadas Ciudaras

Type of Art: Calligraphy, Graphic Design & Branding

Home: Vilnius, Lithuania

Age: 28

Bio: We dont know much about Tadas expect he's an all action, multi-skilled, design ninja!

Want to see more: Dribble, For Sure Design, Behance